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Tamworth Guanciale

When you bite down on a little sautéed cube of guanciale it bursts a flavor bomb of salty, herb infused pork fat in your mouth with a tender chew of the meat which runs through the center of the jowl.


Nothing is better than getting a surprise FedEx package from California filled with the most wonderfully perfumed, brilliantly yellow meyer lemons...The best way for us to extract and preserve that unique flavor and smell is to make Limonciello.

Skate Putanesca

Who said you can’t eat skate?

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About Frank


My name is Frank Mirando and I am the founder of Foodenomics.com.  Growing up with my family, food was a way of life.  Since they emigrated from Italy in the early 1900′s, produce was what paid the bills.   Needless to say, there were a lot of swag boxes a.k.a home made mystery boxes (Masterchef‘ fans know what this is) with an assortment of fruits and veggies making their way to the kitchen over the years.  The tradition continued through the generations; I have produce coursing through my veins.

For my whole life I’ve felt a sort of cosmic pull towards anything food related.  I helped my grandfather in the garden, learning to appreciate dirt to table freshness from a young age. Inspiration surrounds me, from my Great Grandfather still cooking a Sunday sauce in his 90’s, the seafood smorgasbord on Christmas Eve, to my mother’s creative everyday dishes with the swag produce.  Being the oldest in the family, naturally I filled the role of family sitter by watching after my brother, sister and many cousins.  You can’t be a good sitter unless you can feed the kids, right?  The first dish I mastered was a simple marinara sauce at 11 years old and from there it’s evolved into a endless passion.  These days most of my inspiration comes from farmers markets and even the woods where I forage for wild edibles. There is nothing more nutritious and tasty than food harvested the same day you eat it, wild or cultivated.

FOOD-ENOMICS:  Food is my passion, the way I connect with my roots and the people around me.  Economics is how I put food on my table; I study finance and manage money for a living.  My goal is to meld both worlds.  In this blog I will show the everyday Mom or Dad how to shop for ingredients, and cook a meal for their family using fresh (local if possible) food at a price anyone can afford. Cost breakdowns will help people realize that you spend the same amount if not more money on prepared foods and frozen dinners compared to freshly prepared dishes.

When a family comes together in the kitchen to prepare a meal, magic happens.  Eating at the table acts like an “old school Facebook.” It strengthens relationships between friends, children and their parents, and anyone else who loves to eat and drink together.  People are proud to eat the food they create and love to talk about it.  It gives kids and adults alike a sense of accomplishment so they want to do it over and over again.   Foodenomics.com wants to get you in the kitchen so your family can get addicted to great tasting, fresh food again.  It’s time to start paying attention to what we nourish our body with!

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Personal Favorites

These are some of my favorites recipes to prepare