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Skate Putanesca

23rd May


Who said you can’t eat skate?  Everyone I’ve ever fished with has said it and will cringe at the thought of catching this alien like creature.  Actually most fishermen know if you start pulling up skate, you can bet … Read the rest

Red Wine Pickled Ramps

4th May

 The gift that keeps on giving.  Pickling allows you to eat spring and summer veggies all year round.   Historically pickling is how people survived hard winters.  Lets face facts back then people didn’t have supermarkets with produce from Chile, or … Read the rest

Ramp Pesto

4th May


Growing up in my house, especially in the summer, pesto was always a favorite. Most of the time it was the traditional genovese style with basil, garlic and pine nuts.

Ramp greens are just as flavorful as the bulbs … Read the rest

Ramp it up

3rd May


My first time finding ramps was a mistake. A few years ago  I was walking though a Long Island state park in late March and the trees barley had leaves most of them still just budding.  I’ve come to … Read the rest

Tamworth Guanciale

31st January


Not too long ago I expressed some excitement about making a Carbonara with the pancetta from this pig.  Although I love that pancetta like a brother, guanciale is the traditional main ingredient in this age old pasta dish.   As … Read the rest

Seafood Terrine’s

4th January

This on is a shrimp puree, spinach and shitake mushroom garnish with a salmon inlay.  Both in flavor and visually this terrine is superior in my opinion.

Scallop puree infused with saffron with a jumbo lump crab and chive garnish.  … Read the rest

Amish Tamworth Coppa

20th December

Out of the whole pig, this is what I look forward to the most.   In Europe the coppa is the most prized cut and I can see why.  On a pig that was naturally raised like this Tamworth from Pleasant … Read the rest

Pequin Hot Wings

8th December

If feels like forever my friends and I have been on a quest for great wings.  The simple notion of the perfect wing is more complicated than most think. After one wing place recommendation after another I’ve become quite frustrated Read the rest

Tamworth Pancetta

7th December


Bellies, bellies, bellies.  I love pork bellies… more so than bacon i think pancetta is the most versatile salumi/ charcuterie.  You can start off almost any pasta dish with it, slice it thin and cover a bird before it … Read the rest

Venison Chili

4th December

This is my version of Hank Shaw’s Venison chili.  No “chili spice mix here,” just quality meat, fresh spices, rich venison stock and a lot of love. Oh yea and that bacon I mad yesterday… that’s what took this over … Read the rest

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