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Tamworth Guanciale

31st January


Not too long ago I expressed some excitement about making a Carbonara with the pancetta from this pig.  Although I love that pancetta like a brother, guanciale is the traditional main ingredient in this age old pasta dish.   As … Read the rest

Seafood Terrine’s

4th January

This on is a shrimp puree, spinach and shitake mushroom garnish with a salmon inlay.  Both in flavor and visually this terrine is superior in my opinion.

Scallop puree infused with saffron with a jumbo lump crab and chive garnish.  … Read the rest

Amish Tamworth Coppa

20th December

Out of the whole pig, this is what I look forward to the most.   In Europe the coppa is the most prized cut and I can see why.  On a pig that was naturally raised like this Tamworth from Pleasant … Read the rest

Tamworth Pancetta

7th December


Bellies, bellies, bellies.  I love pork bellies… more so than bacon i think pancetta is the most versatile salumi/ charcuterie.  You can start off almost any pasta dish with it, slice it thin and cover a bird before it … Read the rest

Venison Chili

4th December

This is my version of Hank Shaw’s Venison chili.  No “chili spice mix here,” just quality meat, fresh spices, rich venison stock and a lot of love. Oh yea and that bacon I mad yesterday… that’s what took this over … Read the rest

Now it can be called Bacon

3rd December


We smoked this at 250 degrees F until the internal temperature was 150 and it took less then 3 hours over apple and white oak.    Many of the charcuterie I do is very time consuming and labor intensive which … Read the rest

Bellies Ready for Smoke!

3rd December


Any time I mention supporting local farms that raise heritage breed animals the right way people look at me like im crazy.  My pork store told me “organic is a scam, Read the rest

Fennel Habanero Dried Sausage

1st December


Every year we make the traditional calabrese style dried sauseage.  Loads of hot and sweet paprika, fennel seeds and salt.  We also grow habanero peppers and dry them to spunk up crushed red pepper a few notches.  Mixing the … Read the rest

Old Spot Coppa

1st December


Although I am a sucker for all salted porky treats, this is always a favorite.  Simple-traditional- Hot Capocollo   First is is salted, then washed with red wine.  After that we dry it out for a few hours and coat … Read the rest

Coppa Di Testa

1st December


AKA head cheese…but it sounds much better in Italian.  This was Hank Shaw’s recipe for brawn.  It held together wonderfully and the subtle  cookie spice was just right.  I must say it was best with just  a little blue … Read the rest

Personal Favorites

These are some of my favorites recipes to prepare