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Red Wine Pickled Ramps

4th May

 The gift that keeps on giving.  Pickling allows you to eat spring and summer veggies all year round.   Historically pickling is how people survived hard winters.  Lets face facts back then people didn’t have supermarkets with produce from Chile, or … Read the rest

Ramp Pesto

4th May


Growing up in my house, especially in the summer, pesto was always a favorite. Most of the time it was the traditional genovese style with basil, garlic and pine nuts.

Ramp greens are just as flavorful as the bulbs … Read the rest

Ramp it up

3rd May


My first time finding ramps was a mistake. A few years ago  I was walking though a Long Island state park in late March and the trees barley had leaves most of them still just budding.  I’ve come to … Read the rest

Spring In The Woods

1st December


March and April are when these beautiful wild greens start coming up on the north shore of Long Island.  Garlic Mustard (Right) is potent but delicious.  You can boil them then saute in garlic and oil.  I put these … Read the rest

Personal Favorites

These are some of my favorites recipes to prepare